About us

Dear customers, partners and friends of Baupartner,
Baupartner d.o.o. was founded in 2010.
Our primary activity is the production of prestressed reinforced concrete and steel structures.

Baupartner is not only a “manufacturer”, but also a designer and provider of complete solutions. Thanks to a high degree of flexibility and exceptional quality, we have become a competent and efficient construction partner in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia and Croatia.

Baupartner has been introduced to the ISO 9001: 2015 quality system in all business segments, and we have also introduced a certificate of conformity of factory production control according to EN.
In addition to the company’s headquarters in BiH, we have a representative office in Serbia called S-Baupartner Mont d.o.o and a representative office in Croatia called H-Baupartner d.o.o.

Thanks to the gathered team and production capacities, Baupartner is able to meet all market demands regardless of the size and complexity of the facility. A special service is the “turnkey” system where the company takes care of the investment from start to finish by providing the investor with a facility ready for use.

In addition, Baupartner provides a wide range of other services such as engineering, design, supervision, consulting and consulting services.
Today, Baupartner constantly employs 350 workers, 40 of whom are highly educated, with the aim of expanding human and production capacities.