Prestressed Hollow Panel – PPB


The hollow plate is a pre-stressed prefabricated element with a cross-section, with prestressing ropes as the sole reinforcement. The weight of PPB is 28-46% less than the weight of a full concrete cross section of the same height.


Pre-stresses help to overcome larger ranges of boards than is the case with conventional construction. PPBs can, without further intervention, bridge spans up to 14m without support, corresponding to a shaft span of 15m. This construction system requires the installation of a smaller number of load-bearing elements, at greater spacing, which enables faster and more economical construction.


These panels are not only used in reinforced concrete structures, but also in masonry and steel structures, regardless of whether it is a prefabricated or classical construction system. elements, or bridge plates.


They are characterized by high production quality and material savings. The production process is fully automated. The concrete and prestressing ropes are of high quality, with the required attestations for the materials.

The advantage of hollow panels over traditional floor construction is reflected in the high production of elements in a short time, with minimal labor. Also, their installation is simple and quick. In a short period of time, a large area is paved.


The hollow panels are designed and dimensioned in the licensed FloorCAD program, according to EC2 and BS 8110. This program follows the entire process from design to production, and transportation to assembly.


Hollow panels, after production and assembly, do not require any additional processing and aesthetic corrections. Their production takes place on specially made runways which results in an extremely smooth bottom surface. Automated production ensures precise production of elements of equal dimensions, which enables them to be neatly stacked in the structure.

PPB – prestressed plate BAUPARTNER – C = 35mm – protective layer of concrete

  • the net weight of the boards and the weight of the topping was taken into account when calculating in FloorCAD software;
  • loads g + p are additional loads;
  • small ranges and loads in the VII seismic zone do not require topping;
  • monolithisation of slabs with reinforcement and concrete is mandatory in all cases;

MODULAR Hollow Panel Widths (± 10mm)

Letak – prednapregnute ošupljene ploče – PPB

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