Prefabricated Concrete Construction

Concrete prefabricated structures are distinguished by:

Economical and high quality

This type of construction is up to 30% faster, cheaper and of higher quality than standard traditional on-site concrete casting. In addition to this advantage, product quality is better than conventional construction because production takes place under controlled conditions, without the influence of weather. All structural elements are optimized and easy and quick to install. The elements are made in smooth molds and finished and no maintenance and painting of the structure is required.

High speed construction

Installation of buildings is very fast, since ready-made elements are brought to the construction site without the need for additional processing. The impact of weather is minimized since production takes place under controlled conditions.

Wide application options

The production program of concrete elements allows great flexibility in the application of structures and allows freedom in the design of structures. Large construction spans allow the construction of structures with very few interior pillars, which is especially important in manufacturing, storage and commercial facilities.


We pay great attention to the safety of our structures and apply modern standards when designing the stability of structures to earthquakes. Concrete structures are also characterized by a high degree of fire resistance.

The production includes three runways 65 m long and two runways 105 m long for the production of roof A and I beams, roof T beams and roof beams, runways for the production of PI floor slabs 90 m long and a large number of batteries for the production of roof beams, bays. and the cornea. All runways and batteries are equipped with adhesive prestressing equipment, state-of-the-art vibration systems that allow us to seamlessly visualize the concrete element surface.

On an area of 18,000 m2 of land in a 3,600 m2 building, we started producing pre-stressed hollow panels. The planned capacity is over 12,000 m2 of ceilings per month, so we bought a modern concrete plant with a capacity of 90 m3 of concrete per hour.

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Posted: January 26, 2019