Keep the Cost and Quality of Construction Under Control


We perform professional supervision in construction of all types of buildings and civil engineering in all phases of execution. For each project we form a supervisory team, depending on the specifics of the structure being built.

We actively participate in building a professional investor’s representative and provide the building is constructed in accordance with the licenses issued, the project and the applicable standards.

During construction we strictly control the quantity and quality of the materials used and we are working with the contractor to find rational technical solutions in order to optimize the project and investment savings. We pay special attention to projects carried out in accordance with set deadlines and dynamic plan and submit regular reports to investors about the ongoing construction.

To all projects we bring our previous experiences and offer help in selecting contractors and advise on better technical and project solutions, saving options and faster construction, and warn of the obstacles that could jeopardize the implementation of the investment.

Refrenece - Project surveying

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