Elsta Mosdorfer Bosnia is launching its new factory by the end of the year

Tuzla-based Elsta Mosdorfer Bosnia, a company manufacturing and selling fiberglass-reinforced polyester cabinets, should move in and start production by the end of the year at its new factory located in Ciljuga's Zivinice business zone, confirmed this for Akta.ba Edin Gastan, Company Director. “For several months now, we have been actively working on our project to build a new 9,000-square-foot factory. Construction companies are in the field every day, and so far a good deal of work has been done around the rough work itself and the introduction of electrical, plumbing and heating installations into the facility itself. If everything goes according to plan, our factory should be finished by the fall, so that by the end of the year we will officially move into the facility and start production, ”Gastan says. We remind you that Elsta Mosdorfer Bosnia started construction of the new factory in 2017. The whole complex covers an area of ​​30,000 m2 and the investment is worth over 8 million KM. “For our company, this is the most important project in the last fifty years, and accordingly we have focused all our efforts on realizing it. With the plant fully operational, which has taken place in Tuzla so far, we will move to Živinice. The new company will certainly bring new jobs as well as the development of new projects, ”says Gastan. Elsta Mosdorfer Bosnia markets its products through its headquarters in Austria worldwide, successfully operating in the markets of Bosnia and Herzegovina as well as in the markets of countries in the region. Most of their production is export-oriented, about 95 percent have their markets in the EU countries.

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