Turnkey System

Competence and Responsibility


Construction in a turnkey system means that our company performs all work regarding the construction of your building, and after completion of the technical acceptance, client recieves a buliding which has been fully completed and ready for use.

Execution of the works in this way, Baupartner guarantees the quality of all works and mutual coherence of all items and materials. All work is performed exactly according to the project documentation and contractual items. Our policy is to give suggestions and alternatives for consideration, where, according to our experience, better solutions and savings are possible.

The largest part of the work, we do with our employees and our equipment which ensures the highest level of quality and the lowest price. In Baupartner we also work with competent subcontractors with whom we have ongoing cooperation which ensures competitive prices for the client

Price of the works can be arranged in two ways according to the unit price and fixed price.

Offer to unit prices means that the offer is given on the basis of the bill of quantities from the project main design, and that quantities are checked during the construction and the amount is calculated of all contracted and additional works.

If the project documentation is detailed enough and will not be modified during construction, we can make an offer with a fixed and unchangeable price for the construction of the entire building. For contracts with a fixed price the customer does not have to worry about possible additional work and may close the financial structure without fear of additional costs.