Design – Build system

Your Partner from the Start to the End of the Project


Construction system  “design – build” implies that all activities on the design and construction of the facility performs firm Baupartner. This includes the preparation and analysis of investments, preparation of preliminary and main design and execution of all works on construction.

This arrangement completely changes the relationship architect-contractor and provides a complete synthesis of building technology and design solution from start to finish of the project. In the design process we bring contracting experience which ensures the optimal use of materials and equipment and avoiding unnecessary costs during construction.

Baupartner ensures that top experts with experience in similar projects will be working on the project. Given the wide range of our activities, we cooperate with experts in various fields which ensures that we can respond to the challenges that arise during the project.

The main advantages of the Design-Build system are:

Most of our clients decide to build the structures in this system because it allows them to focus on their primary activity and the elements of the project that will provide full functionality and sustainability of the project.