Baupartner has put into operation a new production line of pre-hollow hollow plates

In the middle of 2018 we bought modern concrete and we put into operation a new production line of pre-stressed hollow plates with a capacity of 12,000 m2 per month.

With these products we are complete, because until now we have often been eliminated from larger projects because we did not have our own production-worn ceilings and now we will have the capacity of over 12,000 m2 of ceilings per month.

We bought a completely automated new concrete plant with capacity of 90 m3 of concrete in the clock. All this gives us the opportunity to participate in any project and we can say that our monthly capacity is about 20 – 25,000 m2 of concrete prefabricated constructions.

The first hollow plates were mounted on the business premises of DMDE Doboj Istok.