Baupartner is building the largest logistics center in Croatia

Baupartner has started the construction of the largest logistics center in Croatia with a total area of 70,000.00 m2. The facility is located in the industrial zone in Velika Gorica.

The deadline for the completion of the contracted works is the end of July this year, which is a very big challenge for them, they say in Baupartner. In order to better convey the amount of work involved, it should only be mentioned that 1080 trucks (tours) are needed to transport the products, and that it is necessary to transport over 250 special oversized loads.

This is our single largest facility so far, it is the crown of our efforts and comes as a confirmation that in a very short period of 6 years from the beginning of our own production of reinforced concrete structures we managed to become an important factor in major projects in our region. In the past 6 years, we have invested close to 10 million euros in production facilities, cranes, trucks and we have moved into the modern space of the administrative building, which has finally created quality working conditions for our employees.

Work on quality, professional and ethical business was recognized by the market, so this year we have a 60% increase in sales of reinforced concrete structures compared to the previous year and in this period we have contracted over 140,000.00 m2 in BiH, Croatia and Serbia.

Mart 2021. godine, Lukavac

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