Baupartner built 300 buildings from 400 m2 to 32,000 m2

Construction company «BAUPARTNER» has been operating since 2010. First, as a project bureau, then in 2014 we buy land in Lukavac, where in 2015 we built a factory and began production of reinforced concrete and steel structures.

Expansion starts in 2016 in neighboring countries as well, with the first facilities in Serbia and Croatia being built. Baupartner is not only a “manufacturer” but also a designer and provider of complete solutions. Thanks to the high degree of flexibility and exceptional quality, we have become a competent and efficient construction partner in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Croatia, Montenegro, Slovenia, Sweden and other EU countries.

In addition to the company headquarters in BiH, we have a representative office in Serbia called S-Baupartner Mont d.o.o and a representative office in Croatia called H-Baupartner d.o.o. Thanks to the assembled team and production facilities, Baupartner is able to meet all market requirements regardless of the size and complexity of the facility. A special service is a turnkey system where the company takes care of the investment from start to finish, delivering the facility to the investor ready for use.

Baupartner was founded in 2010 with 3 employees. Today, after 9 years, we have 200 employees. Since then, Baupartner has built 300 buildings from 400 m2 to 32,000 m2.

Since the beginning of this year, we have recorded excellent results, continuing the success of last year. In addition to the exceptionally good results in the BiH market, we also achieved enviable results in the region’s market.
In Serbia, we have built 2 investor facilities for LogMaxx Beta in Novi Banovci with an area of ​​32,000.00 m2 and three facilities for Qvattro Company in Belgrade with a total area of ​​18,000.00 m2.

We also built a production facility of Prodanović Šabac of 7,100.00 m2, a warehouse facility of Komerc Mali in Ruma of 5,400 m2, and 2 facilities for Cordeel in Loznica with a total area of ​​13,500.00 m2.

In Bosnia and Herzegovina we have selected the following facilities: City Center Cazin with a total area of ​​25,000.00 m2, three facilities for Index Gracanica with a total area of ​​15,785.00 m2, Bingo Tuzla with an area of ​​10,000.00 m2, Elsta Mosdorfer Bosnia Tuzla with an area of ​​9,800.00 m2, Alternativa Sarajevo 8,920.00 m2, Lattonedil Nova Topola production facility of 8,410.00, two Bosman Sarajevo facilities of 8,330.00 m2 total, Temax Orašje 8,300.00 m2, Rama Glas Sarajevo of 8,270.00 m2 and Sportek Kotor Varoš of 6,170.00 m2.

Baupartner completed the installation of the AB structure for the extension of the Yavuz Company office building in Živinice, with an area of ​​2,000.00 this year. It is another of the many properties the investor has entrusted to Baupartner.

Baupartner has completed the erection of a steel structure at the East Sarajevo Sports Hall. The roof structure is 46 m wide and the installation of 46 m steel bars has been completed, as well as the works on other roof and facade structures and the installation of stands.

Of the completed projects in Croatia we highlight the new Klimaoprema factory in Nova Gradiška, for which Baupartner has carried out the production, transport and installation of reinforced concrete structures. The factory is located in Nova Gradiška. The existing hall had a capacity of 6,000.00 m², while the new hall was four times larger and amounted to 24,000.00 m².

Installation of reinforced concrete structure at the Mick d.o.o. business facility has been completed in Zagreb. In addition to reinforced concrete, steel and crane construction, Baupartner also performs roofing works, ie roof and facade panels, at this facility. The building area is 6.346,00 m2.

Installation of the production and storage facility of Veneer Palavra in Petrinja, surface area 6.430,00 m2, of the storage facility Chromos svjetlost d.o.o. in Lužan area of ​​3.000,00 m² as well as office building Mima namještaj d.o.o. in Rijeka of 5.700,00 m².

This year we have purchased another mobile crane with a capacity of 80 tons and now we have a total of 5 mobile cranes and we are constantly working on innovations of equipment and machinery.

The business results this year confirm the company’s orientation towards even stronger expansion in the international market, which gives us great optimism, but also the obligation to justify the confidence that our customers have in us.