Admir Fazlic: Baupartner in an investment worth over 1.5m euros

The team of the business portal visited Baupartner from Lukavac where we spoke with the company director, Admiral Fazlic, about new investments with a focus on last year. Recall that Baupartner, with its 18 engineers, specializes in building facilities from idea, project, construction to technical acceptance and use permit, engineering services, construction, civil engineering and civil engineering, handicraft finishing, and many other services in the construction segment. They only build prefabricated buildings since they have a factory to produce such facilities. In seven years, the Baupartner company from Lukavac has been behind many completed construction projects. What projects are you most proud of? -These seven years of existence can be divided into the first three years, a difficult beginning in the crisis years for construction, re-proving in the market where we were in the business of supervision, design and execution of small jobs and from several thousand KM to several hundred thousand, where we had to deal with companies that had one or two employees and another part of four years when the decision was made to start building our own factory for the production of reinforced concrete precast concrete and steel structures, ie work that we know best to do and for which we have vast experience. In seven years we have realized over 220 contracts and all of them are very important to us, but if we need to single out then we would single out some that were a turning point in our business. In the first part of the business we would have singled out several contracts for the company Plastex from Gracanica who trusted us from the first day, then the company Hidraulika Flex Laktaši, Rentex d.o.o. Tuzla, for which we did the first job of over 1,000.00m2, and finally the Sportek Kotor Varoš Company, for which we did the first millionth job and then eight more facilities. From the other part of the business I would like to single out the company Rama Glas Sarajevo, for which we have manufactured an 8,000.00 m2 structure without having a production facility built, but most of the elements are manufactured outdoors. Among them are the companies Bingo, Bajra, Alma Ras, General Logistic, Lattonedil, Cablex, Index, Ferhem, Yavuz, Alternativa, Elsta Mosdorfer. When it comes to Baupartner's business, what has been achieved in the last year? - Last year was a record year, in addition to the extremely good BiH market, we have built or contracted eight facilities in Serbia, ranging from 1,200.00 m2 to 30,000.00 m2. Baupartner has its own company in the territory of Serbia, what projects have been implemented in this segment? - At the beginning of last year the company was registered in Belgrade and has two employees who are engaged in market processing and monitoring of contract realization. Over EUR 2 million was realized in that market and the main asset is that we have gained the reputation of a professional and ethical company by entering into several business agreements for joint appearance with Serbian companies. What is it that makes you stand out in the market? -In addition to professionalism and ethics, we always give our customer something more than agreed, we offer assistance in consulting for both the professional and administrative part of the business. And this is well recognized by the Austrian, German, Italian and Turkish companies that we like to say are overpaid for them because most of our foreign investments are being built. We think that we are different from most companies because we are not interested in the competition, we do not deal with it, we do not present their disadvantages, there are no low blows, but only present what we can and how we do it best. This proved to be a winning combination because we are the fastest growing young company in our industry, last year was a record, and already in April this year we have signed 20 million KM contracts, ie 15 percent more than for the whole last year. What are your plans for this year? Are there plans for new projects, new market expansions or even new hires? - In addition to increasing the volume of work, we are simultaneously working on our own investment worth over 1.5 million euros. We bought a new 18,000.00 m2 of land, a construction of an area of ​​3,600 m2 is under construction, then we bought our own concrete plant and equipment for the hollowed-out ceilings. We are complete with these products, because until now we have often been eliminated from larger projects because we did not have our own production hollow ceilings and now we will have a capacity of over 10,000.00 m2 of ceilings per month. As production volume increased, so did the need, so we bought a fully automated new concrete plant with a capacity of 90 m3 of concrete per hour. All this now gives us the opportunity to participate in any project and we can say that our monthly capacity is about 20 - 25,000.00 m2 of concrete prefabricated structures and that will require a minimum of 30 new workers. As for expansion to other markets this year, we have signed contracts in Slovenia and Croatia so it is inevitable that we will be present in these markets this year as well.

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