Production Plant

Baupartner Ltd. is in possession of 33,000 m2 area in Lukavac, of which 8,000 m2 belongs to the production objects. This pre-condition together with the most contemporary prestressing systems contributes to the monthly production capacity of 25,000 m2 of montage constructions.

Plant for reinforced concrete montage constructions:

Within the production area, there are three 65 m long and two 105 m long production strips used for production of A and I roof trusses, T roof joists and floor joists; strip for the production of 90 m long PI floor panels, and several battery moulds for the production of roof joists, roof bays and purlins. All strips and battery moulds are equipped with adhesive prestressing equipment, but also the most contemporary vibrating systems which enable us to have the most impeccable surface of the production of concrete elements.

On our area of 18,000 m2, within our object of 3,600 m2 we initiated the production of prestressed hollow core slabs. Our planned capacities go beyond 12,000 m2 of hollow-core floors per month, as we have recently purchased a modern concrete-elements plant with capacity of 90 m3 concrete per hour.

Plant for steel constructions:

Our monthly capacity of production of steel constructions is 100 tons, depending on the type and complexity of constructions. Metal constructions are produced in a fully equipped production hall with overhead cranes of lifting capacities between 12 and 5 tones. Apart from the cranes, we also have equipment for profile and tin trimming, welding and sandblasting, but also shoot blasting of shapes.

Thanks to the developemnt and investments into the production halls, Baupartner is able to produce different types of steel constructions for different types of objects, mould equipment for the production of reinforced concrete constructions. Baupartner can also offer the production of overhead cranes with diameter up to 25 m and lifting capacity up to 20 tones. Together with the production, Baupartner offers the service of its assemblying, but also setting of the complete installation and corresponding equipment.