The largest shopping center in Krajina City Center Cazin, slowly gets its look

The largest shopping mall in Krajina, City Center Cazin, slowly gets its look.

The main investor is the City Center AD Cazin d.o.o., contractor and designer is Baupartner d.o.o Lukavac, and the supervision of the works is carried out by Aqua – Projekt d.o.o Bihać.

City Center Cazin is located in the town of Cazin on the existing Mercator location and it is built on a surface of 25,000 m2 and will have 380 parking spaces in the garage and outdoors.

Baupartner has put into operation a new production line of pre-hollow hollow plates

In the middle of 2018 we bought modern concrete and we put into operation a new production line of pre-stressed hollow plates with a capacity of 12,000 m2 per month.

With these products we are complete, because until now we have often been eliminated from larger projects because we did not have our own production-worn ceilings and now we will have the capacity of over 12,000 m2 of ceilings per month.

We bought a completely automated new concrete plant with capacity of 90 m3 of concrete in the clock. All this gives us the opportunity to participate in any project and we can say that our monthly capacity is about 20 – 25,000 m2 of concrete prefabricated constructions.

The first hollow plates were mounted on the business premises of DMDE Doboj Istok.

Baupartner build the largest shopping center in Cazin

The city of Cazin will be the largest shopping mall in this part of the region so far. City Center Cazin will be located in Cazin on the existing location of Merkator on Mala Lisa and its opening is planned for the spring of 2019.

The main investor is the company City Center AD Cazin doo, while the contractor and designer is our company.
The first phase with 9,600 m2 is in progress.

The center will be built on 25,000 m2 with 380 parking spaces in the garage and outdoors.

We started construction work on October 8, 2018, this will be the most modern and most beautiful object in the Una-Sana Canton area. It is planned to finish the works by April 30, 2019.

Baupartner completed works on the facility Elsta Mosdorfer Bosnia d.o.o. in Živinice

Baupartner completed works on the Elsta Mosdorfer Bosnia facility in Živinice, where we carried out all construction work in addition to the assembly structure. The span of the roof structure is 30 m.

The building’s surface is 9,000 m2.

Elsta Mosdorfer Bosnia is a member of the Knill Group, which has 29 companies and operates in 16 countries of the world.

The construction began in 2017 and was completed in record time.

Baupartner has started preparatory work for Boxmark Leather Austria in Lukavac

Our company is currently preparing preparatory works for a significant expansion of the production unit for the production of Boxmark Leather Austria in Lukavac, in phase I on 10,000 m2 and the second phase of another 8,000 m2.

Boxmark Leather, along with production facilities in Lukavac, plans to build an administrative building as well as a warehouse block that will ultimately be over 25,000 m2.

Contractor of all works is our company.